Genesis Medina

Genesis is a remarkable single mother who has faced life's challenges with unwavering determination. Originally from California, she made a life-altering decision to move to Iowa over a decade ago, seeking a brighter future for herself and her two beloved children.

With five years of experience in the mortgage industry, Genesis has demonstrated a strong work ethic, a keen eye for detail, and a dedication to helping individuals and families achieve their homeownership dreams. Her knowledge and experience gained as a mortgage processor has allowed her to make a significant impact on her clients' lives.

Genesis's journey from California to Iowa speaks to her resilience and adaptability. Moving to a new state, away from the familiar, is a testament to her courage and resolve to provide the best possible life for her family.

When Genesis isn't working or taking care of her children, she indulges in her passion for travel. Exploring new destinations and experiencing diverse cultures is not only a source of joy but also a way for her to broaden her horizons and share those experiences with her children.

In Genesis's own words, "Life is an adventure, and I want my children to see the world and appreciate its beauty. Traveling allows us to learn, grow, and make unforgettable memories together."

Genesis's journey is an inspiration to all who encounter her story. Her determination, resilience, and love for her family have propelled her forward, shaping her into a loving mother, a dedicated real estate agent, and a passionate traveler. Her story reminds us that we can overcome challenges and chase our dreams, no matter where life leads us.